Welcome Message

Dear Symposium Participants, Partners,  And Attendance,
On behalf of the Triple Helix closing symposium Steering Committee, I am honored and delighted to welcome you all to "The Closing Symposium for Triple Helix Partnership in the Field of Energy and Environment , Hebron-Palestine. It is very delightful occasion to host this event at Palestine Polytechnic University Campus. I believe we have chosen a venue that guarantees a successful Scientific Symposium It seeks to a Successful partnership with the three sectors of society(Academic, Public,& Private) .
In accordance with the vision and strategy of Palestine Polytechnic University (PPU) as a university serves community, there are many scientific activities and events organized by the university in support of integrative process with the local community , where Triple Helix project embodying this trend and accelerating the development of this relationship. PPU got this project during the second cycle for enhancing the employability of graduated students throughout Quality Improvement Fund (QIF) for development the Palestinian higher education’s institutions funded by the World Bank in 2014. The project entitled: Enhancing Graduate Engineers Employability using a Win-Win Innovative Triple Helix Partnership Model.
The PPU received a total of 240000US$ with 10% co-financing for the period of 30 months from 01/10/2014 until 31/03/2017, where two engineering programs directly benefited from this fund. These programs are Electrical Energy Technology Engineering and Environmental Technology Engineering. In addition two that another 3 programs can be indirectly benefited, 45% of them are females.
This project focuses on the development of the tripartite relationship between PPU and institutions of the public and private sector working in the fields of energy and the environment. The local market need of qualified engineers presents one of the most important inputs to these programs, where determining the required graduates mastery skills of these programs improve the level of competitiveness, and increases their access to the job market.
This project included the implementation of many of the activities related to the development of human resources, infrastructure and improve the teaching environment, where these key factors were determined due to evaluation results of local and international consultants regarding the market need and state of the art technologies in these fields . In addition to that another activities had been conducted that targeted students and staff such as organizing intensive training courses for senior students called passport to success, curricula’s development, purchasing state of the art equipment's in the field of renewable energy & environment, conducting international visits , and conducting filed visits and internships to the beneficiaries.
Since that sustainability represents the most important factor for the success of the continuity of the development of these programs a dual-use equipment's have been purchased that providing an educational model for students; and at the same time they offer quality and validation tests to community institutions dealing with energy and environment.
It is expected after the graduation of the first cohort of students who will study according to the new plans amended to raise their access and opportunity to find jobs, and the employability ratio will be a key indicator for the success and the sustainability of this project.
At the end of this word we extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to QIF administration and the World Bank for their generous support and their keenness to develop the quality of higher education programs. Our thanks go also to the partners in this project, most notably the Jerusalem Distributed Electricity Company JDECO and Hebron Electricity Company HEBCO for their cooperation and interaction in the success of the project activities. And we do not forget the role of the University administration to provide the appropriate conditions and cooperation in the success of this project.
Many thanks also to International speakers who honored us from Netherlands and United States, as well as local speakers who cherish their cooperation and enrich their experiences of excellence in this meeting. At the end of this word, wishing to our students success and progress.
Also I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to the symposium Steering, administrative,& organizing committees that made this conference a success.
I faithfully hope that the Symposium is going to be very fruitful. My best wishes to you all to enjoy this scientific day and to take out maximum learning and knowledge from the Symposium .